The One Tonne Life project has ended and the content on this web page is static and is not updated any more. The project was unique and pioneering, making the conclusions and all information connected to the project just as interesting and up-to-date today as when it was run. Read more about the project and get inspired! (March 2017)

One Tonne Life

Results of the Week 12 Challenge – flavoured water

ICA challenged the family to come up with recipes for tasty yet climate-smart flavouring for water. Here are the suggestions the family submitted:

Alicja’s choice of flavour is mint (grown in her garden) and sea buckthorn along with a few drops of honey.

Jonathan’s favourite is lemon and raspberry.

Nils adds a dash of pomegranate to his jug of water.

Hannah adds flavouring from lemon and strawberries.

And of course we use frozen berries and frozen mint during the winter months.

ICA’s climate experts consulted with the experts at ICA’s sensory laboratory to blend and assess the various recipes. After evaluating appearance, bouquet, taste and overall impression, one winner was chosen.

The winner of this week’s challenge is Jonathan’s lemon and raspberry-flavoured water!

Jury statement: This competition entry is attractive to look at and has a well-rounded balance of both sweet and tart. Since both raspberry and lemon offer a lot of flavour, only a small amount of the two ingredients is needed. So in other words, the water is both tasty and climate-smart!

Thank you to everyone in the family for your tasty and creative competition entries!

Christina Karlsson, ICA

What is One Tonne Life?

Is it possible to live carbon neutral today?

Every Swede contributes to the greenhouse effect with six to eight tonnes of CO2 per year.

With energy-smart housing, electric cars and clean energy, we could go on living almost as usual. Couldn't we? What does it really take for a family to live carbon neutral?