The One Tonne Life project has ended and the content on this web page is static and is not updated any more. The project was unique and pioneering, making the conclusions and all information connected to the project just as interesting and up-to-date today as when it was run. Read more about the project and get inspired! (March 2017)

One Tonne Life


A-hus wants to make climate-smart wooden houses available without the home-owners having to compromise on comfort, function or aesthetics.

The white wooden house has been made more energy-efficient and features a range of exciting design details, such as the protruding frames around each window, the entry hall and the large integrated veranda alongside the building’s living room area.

The “One Tonne Life” villa has a triple layer of walls featuring exceptional insulation efficiency and minimum air leakage. The windows’ U-factor (the heat transfer coefficient which describes their insulation efficiency) is a mere 0.6 in the fixed windows and 0.8 in the opening windows.

A ventilation unit sucks out stale air from the bathroom/toilets, the airing cupboards and kitchen, replacing it with fresh, tempered air in the bedrooms, living room and other public areas.

The heat contained in the spent air is recycled and used in the tempered incoming air. The efficiency rating is about 80 percent.

The building’s heating requirements are met by the incoming air, the occupants’ body heat and heat-generating household equipment such as white goods and kitchen appliances. Underfloor heating is installed on the ground floor.

The house is equipped with both solar collectors and solar cells. The solar collectors on the roof of the carport provide hot water and the little heating that is needed. The solar cells on the roof generate energy that is used to power facilities such as supplementary heating, ventilation, the fridge-freezer and so on. Surplus production is used to recharge the family’s electrically powered Volvo.

The possibilities

The “One Tonne Life” villa generates more energy than it consumes. Within the EU, the goal is that by 2020 all new houses shall be of this type. A-hus is already there.

When will the technology become available?

A-hus will start selling the “One Tonne Life” house soon.

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