The One Tonne Life project has ended and the content on this web page is static and is not updated any more. The project was unique and pioneering, making the conclusions and all information connected to the project just as interesting and up-to-date today as when it was run. Read more about the project and get inspired! (March 2017)

One Tonne Life


ICA’s overall goal is to reduce its direct environmental impact. Improving the Group’s energy efficiency and waste management are important parts of the environmental work. ICA’s aim is to offer a high proportion of eco-labelled and organic products and to constantly reinforce environmental awareness in the assortment processes. The range is continually expanding with environmentally sound products as well as more regional and locally produced alternatives. In addition, ICA encourages customers to take various steps to reduce their environmental impact.


The food represents about a quarter of a household’s carbon footprint and ICA sees great potential in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by active choice.

For ICA, it is clear that both customers and partners – and society at large – should feel safe and trust in the business that ICA operates. How to best and clearly communicate so that the customers become engaged is something that ICA would like to learn through One Tonne Life. ICA’s role in the project is to help and inspire the One Tonne Life family to buy and cook food that is good, healthy, and not least – good from a climate perspective.

When you can shop for eco-conscious food at the ICA?

Already now you can make eco-conscious and important choices when shopping at an ICA store. Buying eco-labelled and organic products is a way to make conscious choices in the store, but also to choose, for example fruit and vegetables in season.

In addition to the choices that consumers themselves do in the store, ICA stores are actively working with the environment in the operation of the store. Many stores are Nordic eco-labelled, which means that the store takes a holistic approach to their environmental activities through for example a wide range of eco-labelled and organic products, low energy consumption and efficient waste management in the store.

In October 2010 ICA Kvantum Sannegården was opened, which is the future ICA store. The store has been built so that the energy savings are estimated to be 35 percent per year. The store is the first of its kind in which ICA’ has gone far in the implementation of energy saving measures in practice. Kvantum Sannegården is a maximum energy-efficient store, with an unchanged offering and stable operating performance.

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