The One Tonne Life project has ended and the content on this web page is static and is not updated any more. The project was unique and pioneering, making the conclusions and all information connected to the project just as interesting and up-to-date today as when it was run. Read more about the project and get inspired! (March 2017)

One Tonne Life

Volvo Cars

The “One Tonne Life” family drives a Volvo C30 Electric. The electric car is part of Volvo Cars’ offensive drive to promote electrification. It offers the very same safety, comfort and interior space as the standard car. The difference is that the Volvo C30 Electric is powered solely by electricity – and produces no exhaust emissions whatsoever.

Participation in the “One Tonne Life” project gives Volvo Cars the opportunity to study how the electric car fits in with a modern family’s lifestyle.

The Volvo C30 Electric is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is recharged via a regular wall socket. A full charge takes about eight hours. The range on a full charge is up to 150 kilometres. This is far more than most European commuters cover in a typical day.

The top speed of the Volvo C30 Electric is governed to about 130 km/h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 10.5 seconds.

The possibilities

An electric motor has a high efficiency rating and consumes about one-fifth as much energy as a corresponding engine running on fossil fuels. This superior energy efficiency suggests that electric cars will become increasingly common in the future as fuel prices continue to rise and it becomes increasingly difficult to meet ever-lower carbon dioxide emission limits.

If the car is recharged with renewable electricity, this means that emissions – from initial electricity production all the way to use in the car on the road – are virtually non-existent.

When will the technology be available?

Volvo’s electric car project encompasses the first stage in a production series of 250 cars. The family in the “One Tonne Life” project will drive one of the very first cars built.

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