A wonderful all-girls dinner at home!

Alicja and Hanna Lindell recently organised an all-girls dinner party at home. Among the guests were a group of mothers who have kept in touch ever since Hannah was born, and their daughters. ICA chefs Leif Grönlund and Charlie Larsson cooked a perfectly balanced and particularly climate-smart three-course dinner that the girls of both generations enjoyed to the very last morsel. “This was the tastiest meal I’ve ever had” was just one of many similar comments that could be heard often throughout the course of the evening.

A toast in ecological wine.

Leif prepares the main course, an Indian lentil curry with chicken and naan bread.

Charlie serves the Indian curry.

In honour of the occasion, Hannah was wearing a dress made of recycled fabric.

Leif carried in the dessert to enthusiastic applause …

… a perfect blueberry soufflé …

… that was eaten with immense enjoyment by all the guests.

Alicja seemed very satisfied with the party.