Heat fiends in the bathroom

Many of us have spent good money on heat fiends in the bathroom. They sure improve our comfort level, but everything comes at a price. And that price can be unnecessarily high if we don’t keep a watchful eye on what’s going on. Here are two real heat fiends that cause us to clutch at our wallets in despair when the electricity bill pops through the mailbox.

Electrically heated towel rails. You get wonderfully warm, soft and dry towels – at a cost of more than 1,000 kronor a year if you don’t watch out. Switch off the heated rails when your towels are dry and you’ll halve your costs.

Electric underfloor heating in the bathroom. Cosy and pampering like nothing else. Many people also take the opportunity to turn up the bathroom thermostat, perhaps to 23 degrees C which is wonderful after you step out of the shower early in the morning. 4,000 kronor a year is a normal cost in terms of electricity for 10 m2 of electrically heated floor. So there’s money to be saved by trying to keep to 20 degrees C and making sure the bathroom door is always shut, to prevent that expensive heat from escaping and heating up the rest of the house, thus unnecessarily increasing your electricity consumption. One simple tip is to switch off the underfloor heating once you’ve completed your toilette in the morning.

Lars Ejeklint, Vattenfall