The demo house in Gothenburg is not only efficient, it is also smart

ayControl app saves energy by controlling the house via iPhone and iPad

Reducing CO2 emissions definitely does not mean a reduction of comfort. In many cases it is the use of the newest technologies that makes more energy-efficient living possible. The One Tonne Life demonstration house in Gothenburg is a so-called Smart Home. This basically means, that it’s technical devices – such as lights, heating, etc. – are controlled by an intelligent electrical installation.

Besides using normals switches the demo house also can be easily controlled with the iPad or iPhone. The iPad app is called “ayControl KNX” and it brings both, comfort and also energy savings. For example, you sit downstairs and through the app you see which lights are lit on the top floor. You can extinguish them conveniently sitting on the couch. It’s as simple as pressing the off button in ayControl – directly on the iPad.

Modern Smart Homes can bring even more CO2 savings e.g. Lights can be programmed to only shine if the rooms are used and the blinds can be pulled up automatically to let in the sunlight if desired.

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