How energy-efficient can a tumble drier be?

The tumble-drier is the item of household machinery with the worst reputation from the viewpoint of energy consumption. But the fact is that if you live in a Nordic climate and dry your clothes during the winter months using a Siemens tumble drier featuring a built-in heat pump, it is actually more energy-efficient than hanging up your clothes to dry indoors. This is because the moist air that exits the laundry drying room has to be heated up, and this process uses more energy than the tumble drier does.

The One Tonne Life house is equipped with a Siemens tumble drier featuring a heat pump. It consumes 50 percent less energy than a Class A drier, in other words A-50%. Thanks to a steady flow of air combined with heat pump technology, it is possible to maintain a lower temperature without impacting efficiency. A lower temperature makes the tumble drier more economical to operate, at the same time as it dries the clothes more gently.

Article number: WT 46W571DN

Hans Söderberg, Siemens