Time for dry rations?

In bygone ages, spring was a time for living on dry rations. Early summer primeurs were not yet ready for harvest, at the same time as the potatoes stored in the earth cellar ahead of the winter months were running out. This isn’t something we often think about even though this was the reality for most people in Sweden a century ago.

Today we can buy all sorts of vegetables even during the winter months. In order to live climate-smart, however, you really need to go back to doing what your grandmother did – make up meals based on root vegetables and look forward to the seasonal premiere for crisp Swedish-cultivated delicacies such as asparagus and lettuce!

Here are some hot tips for smart food in the cool month of April:
• Root vegetables are as usual difficult to knock off their top spot. Why not make the parsnip soup shown in the photo above? Recipe
• Look in the supermarket’s freezer counter for interesting vegetable mixes and delicious berries
• Swedish bean sprouts and sunflower shoots add both colour and crisp texture to any meal!
• Cultivate your own watercress in your own window-box at home

Christina Karlsson, ICA